One month, two babies, three lessons

July 15 marked one month to the day that twins Caron and Austin were born.

I’m not sure if you call that a birthday or an anniversary or something else, but it’s some kind of milestone that a lot of parents recognize. As much of a celebration for the babies as a high-five for the parents that you’re probably doing something right.

Three quick observations from our first four weeks:

1. Trying to keep twins on the same schedule makes sense on paper, but it’s better if they’re on a slightly staggered schedule. Getting up to feed and change Austin at 2 a.m., and putting him down within a half-hour just as Caron is stirring at 2:30 a.m. is the ideal scenario. Feeding one while listening to the other one cry from hunger isn’t ideal.

2. Asking someone to babysit one newborn is OK, but I’m still uncomfortable asking someone to watch two at the same time. Tay’s brother and my mother have each pulled overnight shifts watching over one of the babies, but personally I feel like two is asking too much. Every parent (including Tay) that I’ve talked to about this says it’s OK to ask and that some people want that responsibility, but I wonder if this is gonna follow me into their toddler and elementary-school years.

3. Fatherhood is everything I expected it would be, plus a daily dose of the unexpected.

Austin (left) and Caron, future tag team champions of the world, 7/15/20

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