Stroller Coaster

Before Tay and I found out she was pregnant with the twins, we already owned a stroller and had a nursery in our apartment.

No, it wasn’t one of those “speak your dreams into existence” situations. Before we found out she was pregnant, we had started the process of becoming licensed foster parents.

That means before we brought a child into the home, we had to be prepared: Crib, child-proof locks, CPR certifications, all of that.

Including a stroller.

Of course, that was a single stroller, because we never planned to foster two babies at the same time.

It’s a nice stroller, too. One of the Baby Trend Jogger Travel System models.

A few weeks before our foster care license was officially approved, we found out Tay was pregnant. Because we already had our home ready for a baby, we felt like we were ahead of the game.

Then we found out Tay was pregnant with twins.

Right away, everything changes.

Do we need two cribs? Do we need a bigger nursery? If not now, we’re eventually going to need a bigger place to live.Two bassinets, two times as many clothes and diapers, two college funds.

And a double stroller.

Two things that are inevitable with a double stroller versus a single stroller: The double will eat up more of your bank account, and it’ll eat up more space in your home, in your trunk, on the street and everywhere else.

They don’t tell you that in addition to the stroller, you have to buy two infant car seats, because newborns are too small for regular stroller seats. And you have to buy two adapters so that the car seats to fit into the stroller. And you have to make sure the stroller and the car seats and the adapters are all compatible with each other because they might be made by three different manufacturers.

By word of mouth, we heard that double strollers start at $600. (Not exactly true.) When we went to a store and shop, we saw some as expensive as $1,000.

Our first decision was whether we’d want side-by-side seating or front-and-back seating. We went with the vertical look, mainly because the horizontal model would be tough to get into some doorways and it would be tough to make some car seats fit.

It’s like shopping for a car. You’re looking for storage space, smooth handling, quality tires, roomy seating (for the babies) and some extra bells and whistles (like an adult cup holder) would be nice. And if it looks good, that always helps.

We settled on the Contours Curve Double Stroller. It wasn’t $1,000 and so far it’s been great.

It’s undeniably big. My sister already took the nickname “The Monstrosity” for the double stroller she had — her kids are three years apart — but I have no better way to describe ours.

The first time I tried to fold up and fit The Monstrosity Jr. in the trunk of our sedan was the day I realized we definitely needed an SUV/minivan.

Out in the world, the double stroller is like a calling card.

We get excitedly rhetorical questions: “Oh my God, you have twins? Sooooo cute!”

We get knowing nods from twin parents. Sometimes they don’t even ask; just an “mmm-hmm” and maybe a sympathetic look that says “I know what you’re going through.”

Almost three months in, we’ve become pros with the double stroller. Loading and unloading it, folding and unfolding it, whipping it through grocery stores and doctor’s offices and parking lots.

As for the single stroller, we decided to keep it. We haven’t used it yet, but the theory is that if we’re in a situation where Mom and Dad have to split up and take one kid each, we have two strollers for that.

And who knows? Maybe we’ll have a third baby soon. Or a third and a fourth at once, because we’ve learned that plans change like that.

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