It’s A Different World Than Where Ya Come From

Over the weekend, I took Taylisha and the twins to the neighborhood in Seattle where I spent a lot of my childhood. I showed them my grandparents’ house where my Mom grew up, my great-grandparents’ house where my Dad grew up, my first elementary school, the nearby community center, and whatever else I could remember… Continue Reading →


The Stay-At-Home Working Dad With No Job

Tomorrow I’m starting a full-time position as Producer & Content Distribution Specialist for If you’re unfamiliar, SOHH is a hip-hop news website, one of the first Black-owned publications of its kind. I’ve traded in my sports journalist hat, transitioning from Mike Trout and LeBron James to Megan Thee Stallion and Lil Wayne. It feels… Continue Reading →


Parenting + Politics: Lessons from Washington DC

I’m writing this on the eve of President-elect Joe Biden‘s inauguration, which comes at the end of the ugliest U.S. Presidential election of my lifetime, in the early stages of the country’s fourth consecutive embarrassingly ugly election aftermath. (Let us not forget the racism encountered by Barack Obama for twice winning the nation’s highest office.)… Continue Reading →

Angel Babies: Pregnancy and infant loss

In the world according to social media, every baby is born into a hashtag family. Our babies certainly have their share: #twins #multiples #babyboys #blackboyjoy #pandemicbabies #quarantinebabies #preemies, etc. Individually, Caron is a #nicubaby and a #nicugraduate. There is one other hashtag that our boys can claim, one which we haven’t made public until now:… Continue Reading →

Stroller Coaster

Before Tay and I found out she was pregnant with the twins, we already owned a stroller and had a nursery in our apartment. No, it wasn’t one of those “speak your dreams into existence” situations. Before we found out she was pregnant, we had started the process of becoming licensed foster parents. That means… Continue Reading →

What to do about ‘WAP’

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion dropped the biggest song of the summer, and in a COVID season devoid of blockbuster movie releases, the song doubled as a horror flick for every dad with a daughter. “WAP” is the name, an acronym for … well, let’s just say the song is about women feeling good… Continue Reading →


I did not see this coming. When Taylisha and I started the process of picking names for our twins, we didn’t yet know the genders. But even before the gender reveal, we had settled on one name: Caron Nasir Burton. If we had two boys, or a boy and a girl, Caron would be one… Continue Reading →

One month, two babies, three lessons

July 15 marked one month to the day that twins Caron and Austin were born. I’m not sure if you call that a birthday or an anniversary or something else, but it’s some kind of milestone that a lot of parents recognize. As much of a celebration for the babies as a high-five for the… Continue Reading →

Where does the cat fit in with the new babies?

It was around 4:30 a.m. I had just quieted a screaming Caron with a bottle of liquid gold when I heard an extra-loud gulping. Realizing it wasn’t Caron, I turned around to see our cat, Stokely, throwing up all over the living room. My unfortunate choice of words: “Dammit, Stokely, I don’t have time for… Continue Reading →


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