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I did not see this coming. When Taylisha and I started the process of picking names for our twins, we didn’t yet know the genders. But even before the gender reveal, we had settled on one name: Caron Nasir Burton. If we had two boys, or a boy and a girl, Caron would be one… Continue Reading →

One month, two babies, three lessons

July 15 marked one month to the day that twins Caron and Austin were born. I’m not sure if you call that a birthday or an anniversary or something else, but it’s some kind of milestone that a lot of parents recognize. As much of a celebration for the babies as a high-five for the… Continue Reading →

Where does the cat fit in with the new babies?

It was around 4:30 a.m. I had just quieted a screaming Caron with a bottle of liquid gold when I heard an extra-loud gulping. Realizing it wasn’t Caron, I turned around to see our cat, Stokely, throwing up all over the living room. My unfortunate choice of words: “Dammit, Stokely, I don’t have time for… Continue Reading →

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