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Stroller Coaster

Before Tay and I found out she was pregnant with the twins, we already owned a stroller and had a nursery in our apartment. No, it wasn’t one of those “speak your dreams into existence” situations. Before we found out she was pregnant, we had started the process of becoming licensed foster parents. That means… Continue Reading →

What to do about ‘WAP’

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion dropped the biggest song of the summer, and in a COVID summer devoid of blockbuster movie releases, the song doubled as a horror flick for every dad with a daughter. “WAP” is the name, an acronym for … well, let’s just say the song is about women feeling good… Continue Reading →

Pregnancy, parenthood and a pandemic: How to get out of shape

My mother laughed at me. The woman who was my very first support system in life, who always had my back on this complicated road that brought me to fatherhood … she laughed when, early into the pregnancy, I mentioned that I planned to maintain my regular workout routine after the twins were born. Why… Continue Reading →

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