‘We’re gonna need a bigger car’

I don't know how many two-income couples in their 30s are still one-car households, but that's what my fiancee and I were before yesterday. That's entirely because I didn't come into this relationship with a car. I didn't even come into this relationship with a driver's license. I know that's even more rare. It's not... Continue Reading →

Mother’s Day before motherhood

If my math is correct, the majority of expecting mothers will experience one Mother's Day while they are still pregnant before giving birth. My fiancee is one of the expecting mothers to fall into that group. This year, Mother's Day (May 10) came 6 or 7 weeks before our planned delivery date in June. The... Continue Reading →

Introducing … The Podfather

This may not be the first "dad blog" you've ever read. It may not be the last one you'll ever read. And I won't be arrogant enough to believe it's the best one out there. My goal for this dad blog is simply to be entertaining, educational and interesting enough to stay in your reading... Continue Reading →

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